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What Does a Diagnostic Scanner Do?


New automobiles have so much technology in them, that it is very hard to find out what is wrong without needing some special tools. One of the tools commonly used is a scanner.


As cars have advanced, so have the tools used to repair them. Before computers and advanced circuitry made its way into cars and trucks, a simple multimeter and a test light took care of most electrical issues in a vehicle.


Those days are long gone! Multimeters and test lights are still valuable tools, but they aren’t going to help with any computer issue. The nice thing about having so many computers in automobiles is when a scanner is used it can help speed up the diagnostic process. 


When something goes wrong with the electrical system of a modern car, sometimes it will send an error message to the dash, but sometimes it won’t. That's where a scanner comes in. Scanners will help read error codes, clear error codes, and help a technician pinpoint a faulty sensor, wiring issue, or even a part failure.


Another great feature is the ability to perform system tests and manually control various parts of your car. This allows a technician to test a part or sensor without replacing it and costing you extra money for unneeded parts and the labor of changing those parts. 


Scanners are not cheap, but the time they save is invaluable. Reducing the time needed for a diagnosis and eliminating the changing of unnecessary parts. They allow us the ability to get more customers taken care of in a day, and allows you the chance to get your car back on the road faster.


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