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What makes a car start?

There are few feelings in this life worse than jumping in your car early in the morning to head to work, turning the key, and CLICK, nothing. Dead battery!


Maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it’s not fun at all. Modern cars and trucks have so much technology packed into them these days that the electrical system is easily the most complicated part of the whole car.


There’s not much in the electrical system that is easily user serviceable except for batteries, fuses, and some light bulbs. Electronics are involved in nearly every function of a modern automobile. So it's safe to say we have invested heavily into our electrical diagnostic equipment and training here at Crabtree Auto.


All that said, there are a few key components. Battery, starter, and alternator. When you start your car the battery sends power to your starter which spins the engine and gets it running. Once your engine is running the alternator recharges the battery and supplies the electrical power needed to run all the electronics in your car or truck.


Batteries are also a maintenance item and will need to be replaced several times during the lifetime of your car or truck. We will check all these main components during our standard inspection along with checking the remaining life of your battery.


Some signs that a battery could be getting weak is harder starting or taking longer to start. Of course when a battery gets too weak to start your car it’s likely time to replace it.


There can be other issues causing your battery to drain faster than normal; we can test for this and find the underlying problem. 


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