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How Can I Make My Car Last Longer?

The best way to make sure your car will last for years to come is proper maintenance! 

That means changing the fluids, filters, rotating tires, and having your vehicle regularly inspected. Beyond regular maintenance, there are parts that wear out naturally, and parts can fail simply from usage and age. That is why we inspect your vehicle every time you bring it in. Once we have checked your vehicle from bumper to bumper, we will give you a report of what we find and a maintenance plan that keeps your car running and your wallet happy.


We also highly recommend preventive maintenance. This means taking care of items on your vehicle before they become an issue, such as drive belts, shocks, and other suspension components. These are wear items that, if left unchecked, can cause some serious issues that can shorten the life of your vehicle and be a major inconvenience when they fail.


At Crabtree Automotive, we work on all makes and models, even Diesels. From Honda to Audi and everything in between! So give us a call or schedule an appointment today with the link below.

We work hard to keep your life in motion.



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