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How Can I Make My Wipers Work Better?

Rainy days have their own beauty, just like sunny summer days, but rain can make driving a bit more dangerous! After talking about how tires wear and how traction decreases in the rain, visibility also typically decreases.  

What does “visibility” mean anyway?  Rain makes it harder for you to see out of your car and for others to see you. Snow and fog also have the same effect. 


That's why keeping good windshield wipers on your vehicle is important. Streaking on the windshield doesn't help visibility at all. Fresh wipers will keep the rain off without leaving a mess, chattering, or skipping across the window.


Taking things a step further, Aquapel,  a glass treatment that is applied to the windshield. It’s like putting your wiper blades on steroids! It allows the water to bead up and blow right off the window all by itself. This means your wipers don’t have to work nearly as much to keep your vision clear.


That's why we always recommend fresh wipers and Aquapel treatment every year heading into the rainy season. Our team always inspects your wipers when your vehicle comes in for service, to make sure they are still streak-free and working properly. We will let you know when it's time for replacement and give you the option to use the Aquapel treatment.


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