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How Do I Get My Car Ready For Winter?

How Do I Get My Car Ready For Winter?


Here in Oregon, the weather is already starting to change; like it or not, winter is coming. Before winter, we do have a fall. Here, that means rain, rain, and more rain.

Rain means a few things for drivers: you need good wiper blades and good tires, which we check during inspection here at Crabtree. 


Once winter arrives and the cold sets in, there are a few more things to be mindful of. Like Fall, Winter requires more of your tires and wipers than summer. Also, if you live in a place where you have to deal with snow, you may want to change your tires to dedicated snow tires. 


The difference between snow tires and regular tires is traction. Snow tires are designed for maximum grip on slippery surfaces. That is accomplished in a few ways. The rubber on a snow tire is much softer. Since snow is typically soft and fluffy, a snow tire can be softer than a normal tire without wearing out quickly. You can run a snow tire on dry, clean roads, but you will be wearing them out fast. That is why you can’t drive on snow tires year-round. Places that have a lot of snowfall use snow tires with metal “studs” in the tread for even more traction!


If you don’t want to deal with a second set of tires for winter, or you live in a place where it snows, but not consistently. Snow chains might be a good option for you. Snow chains go onto your regular tires and wrap around the wheel and tire. They add traction so you can travel in conditions your regular tires wouldn't be able to.


Call or come in today, and we can walk you through your options for snow tires for the winter ahead, or we can show you how to properly use snow chains if you haven’t been taught yet!


At Crabtree Automotive, we work on all makes and models, even Diesels. From Honda to Audi and everything in between! So give us a call or schedule an appointment today with the link below.  

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