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How Do You Drive Safe in Winter?

How Do You Drive Safe in Winter?


We have discussed getting your car ready for winter, snow chains, ensuring the heat works, and general maintenance.

What about driving in that snow, ice, or heavy rain? The first step is having your vehicle inspected and resolving any issues we may find. Next is driving in the cold temperatures with all of the other drivers on the road!


We can’t help anyone's driving habits, but we can help you be prepared for issues you may encounter.


No matter what time of the year or what the temperature is outside, you should have a quality roadside emergency kit. In winter, adding an extra jacket, a warm blanket, and some heavier footwear is a good idea. You may end up stopping for a long time due to an accident, breakdown, or bad weather; especially, if you are traveling somewhere without a lot of traffic. Most importantly, an ice scraper, snow brush, and keeping your fuel tank as full as possible during winter is essential.


Now that you AND your car are prepared for winter driving, the last detail is driving safely in the conditions. Almost 2,000 people die every year due to winter car accidents. According to AAA, “stopping on snowy roads can take up to 10 times longer to stop.” The Weather Channel states, “ Slushy or snowy pavement causes a 30% to 40% speed reduction on major roads”.


Even if you drive safely and aren’t involved in an accident directly, a traffic jam on a snowy highway or mountain pass can have you stuck for hours and, in some extreme cases, days. That is the main reason why you want to keep your fuel tank full in winter. That way, you can keep your engine running and stay warm. Packing some extra snacks and water on longer winter trips is also a good idea.


If you haven’t had us already prepare your car for winter call or stop in today to schedule your service and inspection!


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