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What Does Colder Weather Do To Your Car?

Cars aren’t affected by cold like people or animals, but the cold can cause some issues. It’s that time of the year when temperatures start to drop, the rain or snow sets in, and things slow down outside. 

Your automobile is built to withstand a lot! Including pretty extreme weather conditions. It actually has to pass a long list of tests before it can be sold to the public. So you don’t have to worry about too much unless you live in one of those areas with extreme temperatures, like Alaska, for example.


But those tests are done on brand-new vehicles. What happens after a few years and thousands of miles? We are lucky here in Albany, Oregon,  and we don't get super cold here, so for us there are really only a few things to consider for your automobile when the temperatures drop.


 Batteries,  as the temperatures decrease, so does the efficiency of batteries. That's why batteries have several ratings on their label. C.A. (Cranking Amps) is the measurement of power a battery can output at room temperature. C.C.A. (Cold Cranking Amps) is that same measurement but at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the battery will have to work harder to start your cold engine. 


Tires, colder air is more dense, so a tire can “lose” pressure even if it doesn’t have a leak. This usually only happens during the first cold snap of the year. Once you top off the tire, it should be fine. 

Also, cold rubber isn’t going to grip as well as hot rubber on a bright summer day; again, it's not extreme here, but it is something to be mindful of.


Belts, like tires, are made of rubber and become stiffer as the temperature drops. If a belt is already in poor condition, the cold can cause it to break or start coming apart.


Wipers, again made of rubber, when they age, start to get stiff regardless of temperature. Cold temps will cause them to get even stiffer and skip across the window and not even wipe any water off.


In other parts of the world, your car can have a much harder time. Thick oil, freezing doors, radio screens not responding, and much more.


We always inspect your automobile from bumper to bumper here at Crabtree, so we will be able to catch these things before they become a problem. 


So let us take care of those cold weather services and let you get back to your busy life.


At Crabtree Automotive, we work on all makes and models, even Diesels. From Honda to Audi and everything in between! So give us a call or schedule an appointment today with the link below.

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