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What Does My Dash Light Mean?


What does my dash light mean?


Is this light important?  Could it be a Safety Concern?  These are important for even a young driver to learn.  Let’s go through a few of these lights with you.  


Engine Temp Light:  This usually means your engine is running hot.  Stop and Let it cool down.  Call your trusted Automotive Shop.


  Battery Warning Light: The vehicle is not charging properly.  Call your trusted automotive shop. 


Oil Pressure Light: This means there is a loss in oil pressure. This could mean there is not enough oil to run the engine smoothly.  An engine is not cheaply replaced.  Best to call your trusted automotive shop.  


Brake warning light: Usually means you have your handbrake on.  If the handbrake is not on this will be cause for great concern.  


Check Engine Light: This can come on for a multitude of reasons like something wrong with your electrical system, a signal from your car’s engine computer that something is not running properly.  A quick scan could help figure out how to proceed.  


Anti-lock Braking System.  Usually it means there is a malfunction.  


Recirculated Air in the Cabin.  No fresh air from outside.


 Hazard Lights are on.  Oops, we have all pushed that button by accident.


Low fuel level.  


These are just a few lights that could light up on your dash.  Refer to your user manual to best understand your specific dash lights.

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