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When should I replace my Brakes?

I like my brakes to stop my car and I am sure you do to!  It is vitally important to change your brake pads before they get too worn.  Brakes need to be clean, free of any liquids.  A quick brake inspection should be done at every oil change, every 3-5 thousand miles.  On average brakes should be replaced every 25,000 miles depending on your driving conditions.  Stop and go traffic is very hard on brakes.  

Here are 4 signs that you waited too long to replace your brakes: 

1.  You hear a grinding noise when applying the brake pedal.  

2.  You should never feel vibration or pulsation when braking.

3.  Noise!  Squeaking, squealing, screeching.  


Brakes are meant to keep you from an accident.  Save yourself some time and money by maintaining your brakes (replacing before they are worn down) and not waiting until it is too late.  At Crabtree Automotive we do a complimentary inspection on your vehicle so can budget for items like brakes that will be needed.  Our report lets you know if it is in good shape (green), getting close to needing repairs (yellow) or overdue and needs to be replaced right away (red).  Very simple!   So give us a call or schedule your appointment today with the link below.



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