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Why are my headlights so dim?

Why are my headlights so dim?


Luckily this is typically a very quick, easy, and cheap fix.  The most common issue is that your bulb is starting to burn out.  


Here are a few common issues: 


  1.  Your Headlight Lense.  Is it starting to yellow or get discolored?  Is it no longer clear?  A quick but temporary fix is to use a Headlight Restoration Kit to help clear up that discoloration.  

  2. Discolored Bulbs.  The bulbs themselves could have build-up on the inside causing the light to be dim.  For this you just need to replace the bulb.  


Here are a couple bigger issues: 

  1.  Wire Corrosion.  If the wires are damaged or corroded it keeps electricity from flowing as needed thus giving the headlights less power and making them less bright.  This is definitely something a mechanic will need to diagnose and fix.

  2. Alternator.  Your alternator provides power to most of your vehicle.  Do you notice dim lights when you first turn on your vehicle?  Is your power windows, backup camera, or any other electrical item having issues also?  These are indicators that it might be time for a new alternator.  A good mechanic can diagnose and replace this item for you.  

  3. Alternator Belt.  This one is interesting as your lights will be bright one minute then dim the next.  Very random.  If the belt is worn it may be causing your headlights to lose power.  


Headlights are crucial to keeping you safe!  Taking notice of the working of your car can keep you safe.  We always suggest occasionally to turn off your music and just listen to your vehicle for a few minutes.  When you know how your vehicle SHOULD sound it helps you identify issues when problems arise!  A car owner is the first one who will notice issues with their car if they just take a minute to pay attention.  


At Crabtree Automotive we do a complimentary inspection of your vehicle so you should have less surprises and you can budget for big items.  So give us a call or schedule an appointment today with the link below.

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