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Why Do Cars Need Antifreeze in the Summer?

Why Do Cars Need Antifreeze in the Summer?


Your vehicle’s cooling system uses a mixture of water and antifreeze to be able to operate in all weather conditions. Antifreeze is also referred to as coolant because of its chemical composition. It allows the water in the cooling system to work below freezing and above boiling temperatures.


Coolant is pumped through your engine and into the radiator, where a fan is used to pull air through the radiator, lowering the temperature of the coolant inside the radiator. It’s the same process used to heat or cool the inside of your car or home just in reverse.


Your cooling system has a few main components: a pump, radiator, thermostat, and the hoses that connect all these components together. 


The Thermostat is what keeps the whole system at the correct temperature, too cold and it keeps the coolant from entering the radiator. Too warm and the thermostat opens, sending all the coolant into the radiator. Which is located usually in or very close to the pump.


Radiators are typically mounted up front behind the grill with a fan, either electric or mechanical directly behind it to pull air through when the vehicle isn't moving.


Pumps are also either electric or mechanical and are often on or close to the front of the engine. Most are still mechanically run by the belt and pulley system on the engine itself.

Cooling systems are usually pretty trouble free and fairly low maintenance, but coolant does break down overtime, meaning it should be flushed and cleaned periodically. If something in the system fails it can cause some big problems.


We have all the specialized tools to service even the most complicated cooling systems in your car or truck.


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