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Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell?

Do you ever get into a car on a hot summer day, turn on your A/C just to be met with an awful smell? Yeah, it’s no fun. I'm sure we have all experienced that, but what causes the smell?

(This is a dirty A/C Evaporator from a 2012 Ford F-450 that was used on a farm. just goes to show how filthy they can get)


The A/C and Heating system circulate air throughout your car or truck much like the A/C used in your house. Also like your house, most automobiles have filters in the A/C and Heating System (these are called cabin air filters).


Cabin air filters trap a lot of smells and allergens. Regular maintenance of replacing your cabin air filter can keep odors at bay. For automobiles that don’t have cabin air filters the heater and cooling elements, and the vents, can collect dirt and allergens that a filter would stop. So cleaning those elements and vents are required.


BG Services steps up again with their Frigi-Fresh Service, It cleans and disinfects your air vents. Even if your car has a cabin air filter, sometimes the vents can still get dirty and start to smell over time. This is a good service to perform after cabin air filter replacements or anytime a 

smell develops. 


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