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Why Does My Car Get Bad Fuel Mileage?

Has anyone seen the fuel prices lately? We need all the help we can get with saving money! One place you could save some money is improving your vehicle's fuel economy. There are several components that contribute to your fuel economy. 

Keeping up on the normal maintenance, making sure there is not a Check Engine Light on, and your car running smoothly are all factors that contribute to the fuel economy.. Also, a proper alignment is helpful so the car isn’t pulling to one side or the other driving down the road. Something as simple as tire pressure can also make a massive difference in MPG (mile per gallon). And make your tires last longer!


Maintenance on your vehicle includes oil change with an oil filter, air filter and fuel filter replacements. Also, transmission and differential fluid exchange, spark plugs and spark plug wire replacement.


Another contributor is the body of your vehicle. If you have damage that can affect airflow around the body, it will cause an increase in the fuel usage. Getting into extremely fine details, even keeping your paint clean and smooth will help.


You can also do things to improve your MPG over the factory estimates. Aftermarket air filters, exhaust systems, and tuners can help improve performance AND mileage. 


The number one thing that affects your vehicle’s Miles per Gallon is how you drive. There is an entire hobby / car culture built around driving to get the best mileage possible (hypermiling). Some of the basics of driving to improve MPG’s are not using two feet to drive, don’t press the brake and gas at the same time, and coasting more. Don’t speed off from the stop light, just to slam on the brakes a few hundred feet away at the next light. Drive smoothly, easy take-off and come to a smooth stop. 


We can’t help you with certain driving habits, but we can help get your car as efficient as possible. We can even do aftermarket upgrades to help improve your MPG.


At Crabtree Automotive, we work on all makes and models, even European.  From Honda to Audi and everything in between! So give us a call or schedule an appointment today with the link below.

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