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Why Does My Car Shake Going Down The Road?

Why Does My Car Shake Going Down The Road?


Have you ever started driving your car and notice its shaking or vibrating as you drive?


There are a few things it could be, but today we will talk about the most common: Tires.

Tires play a vital role in your automobile. They are what connect your car to the road. 

Tires are made of rubber and filled with air to cushion all the bumps and holes in the road, and to get traction in all sorts of weather and driving conditions. They also have metal wires inside of them to increase their strength and stability (called steel belts). Tires wear with daily use and also can dry out and start cracking from the sun.


Like any part of an automobile, a tire can fail as well. One of those failures can be the steel belts we just mentioned. Sometimes, those can break inside the tire and cause the tire to not be perfectly round anymore causing a serious vibration


Because of how fast a tire has to spin during normal use they have to be balanced when you install them. And they may need to be balanced a few times in their lifetime. If not, they can cause a vibration or shake.


Failure on a tire that is properly inflated and not super old isn’t very common so don’t be worried.


When tires get old and dry out blow outs, broken belts, and flats are more common. That’s why we inspect all your tires when your car or truck comes into our shop. We check for cracking, low pressure, uneven wear, and any signs of damage.


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