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Why Does the Steering Wheel Act Funny in My Car?

Being able to go and stop are important, but what about turning? Yes, also very vital!


Modern vehicles have made driving a fun and easy thing to do. One of the many improvements is the steering system. Not that long ago, power steering was only an option and didn’t come with every vehicle.


Power steering allows you to turn the wheel with little to no effort. If you have ever tried to turn your steering wheel with the vehicle off, then you know what it's like to not have power steering.


The steering rack is the part that takes your motions with the steering wheel and turns the wheels from side to side. These parts typically last a very long time, so when this customer came in with steering issues we had to put their truck on the lift and take a deeper look.


The customer had a complaint of the steering wheel sometimes getting stiff or stuck when turning. Our team checked the ball joints and tie rods on the front suspension and they didn’t indicate any issues. We looked further only to find a steering rack with the outer case broken.

We replaced the whole rack, and the customer was back on the road in no time.


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