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Why does your A/C System keep failing?

Why does your A/C System keep failing?


Well there is probably a leak! The AC system in modern automobiles can get pretty complex but they all have some of the same fundamental components. 


When a leak occurs it can be extremely hard to find. Thankfully we have some special tools to make that easier. On this 1997 Ford F-250 we had a leak that didn't show up with dye and the leak started all the sudden for the customer.


We started by hooking up our AC Servicing Machine to the truck to recover any feon left in the system and then put the system under a vacuum to test for leaks and see how big the leak is.


We were able to detect that there was a leak and it was rather large. But with visual inspection we couldn’t find anything. The customer let us know that nearly the entire system had been replaced last year. 


We then filled the AC system with environmentally safe Nitrogen Gas and used soapy water in a spray bottle to cover all the lines and AC connections. We quickly found the AC compressor to be the culprit. Where the case of the compressor is sealed together had failed and this was evidence by the bubbles around the seam. 


A new compressor was ordered along with a new AC drier and orfice tube. These are the vital core components of the AC system and should always be replaced together to insure this is no contamination of the new compressor.


Once all the new parts are installed, the system in again put under a vacuum and rechecked for leaks. Another reason we put the system under a vacuum is to remove all air and moisture as those 2 things destroy ac components and don’t allow for proper operation. When no leak is detected the AC Servicing Machine starts the process of recharging the system with freon and oil. 


Finally the truck is started and we check the temperatures coming out of the air vents in the cab. Everything checks out great and the truck is returned to the customer, ready to hit the open road.


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