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Why Doesn’t My Heater Work?

Why Doesn’t My Heater Work?

It’s getting cool in the morning again. What a bad time to find out the heater in your car isn’t working anymore. 


If you have been driving for any amount of time, then you know it takes a few minutes for your vehicle to warm up in the cold weather. But what about when the vents never warm up? There's a problem! We will touch on a few of the basics.


The heater in your car works off the coolant that the engine uses to stay at the proper temperature. If the engine thermostat isn't functioning properly, the coolant may just not be warm enough to blow warm air into the interior. 


Also, that coolant flow could be blocked in your heater core, which brings the warm coolant into the vehicle's interior. Or it could be low on coolant as well, which will reduce flow as well.


Another possible issue could be the controls on the dash; if the computer that controls heat and air conditioning malfunctions, it could be keeping that warm air from blowing.


There are many other possible issues or combinations of issues that cause the heat to not work in your car or truck, but those are a few of the more common ones. Don’t worry if your heat stops working. We have the tools and staff ready to take care of it, no matter the cause.


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