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Why is my car heater not getting hot?

This unfortunately is not something you can identify on your own.  There are multiple reasons why a heater is not properly functioning.  This is where a good mechanic comes in handy.  Crabtree Automotive has two amazing technicians that can diagnose anything.  


Here is a list of some signs to keep a lookout for which will help with diagnosing.  

  1. Not hot air coming through the vents.

  2. Airflow doesn’t seem to blow as hard.

  3. Odd odor coming from the vent.

  4. Windows fogging.

  5. When you check your overflow reservoir there is nothing in it.  

  6. Check engine light.

  7. Your vehicle is overheating.

  8. Coolant is leaking.  


These issues can be very costly if left unchecked.  Save yourself some money and have a trusted mechanic look at it right away.  These issues can be something as simple as closed or clogged vents, extremely dirty air filters, broken heating controls, to as severe as heater core problems, failing water pump, damaged heater hoses among other things.  If left unchecked you could ruin your engine and/or cooling system.  


While diagnosis to some feels like a waste of money we assure you it is not.  Knowing exactly what the problem is and fixing it the first time saves so much money compared to thinking you know what needs to be fixed and throwing money at many parts and still not fixing the problem.  This saves you time and money.  Win Win!!


At Crabtree Automotive we work on all makes and models, even European.  From Honda’s to Audie’s.  So give us a call or schedule an appointment today with the link below.  

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