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Why Is My Car Leaking Oil

Why Is My Car Leaking Oil


Your car leaking stuff on the ground is annoying and can be embarrassing. It can also be a big problem. 


Obviously, a vehicle shouldn't leak anything, but with age, these things can develop. There are several fluids and oils in your car, like motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, gear oil, and fuel. Even EV’s use coolant and gear oil. 

Sometimes, when a leak develops, it can be hard to figure out where it is coming from. The wind from driving can blow the fluid everywhere and really make a mess. Small leaks can build up gunk over long periods of time because they may not leak enough to leave a spot on the ground alerting you to an issue. 


Other times, a major seal or hose can fail and cause a massive leak right away. It's always a good idea to check your fluid levels often. Some modern automobiles don’t have dipsticks anymore to allow you to check fluid physically, but some do have sensors to check fluid levels and fluid conditions, which you can see in the menu on your dash screen. While some other vehicles require special tools to check the fluids. We have those tools.


So, how do we find those difficult leaks? When your automobile comes in for an oil leak, we deep clean the area where it looks like is leaking. Look for any obvious gasket failure, broken hoses, or drips. After a deep clean and inspection, if the leak still isn’t showing, we will take your car for a test drive to try and expose the location of the leak. Finally, if the leak is small enough to still not show up we will add a dye to the fluid and let the customer drive it for a few days and bring it back. 


The dye we use is a UV dye. A special light allows us to pinpoint even the smallest leak. That way, we are only replacing the part that has failed and not just throwing parts at it, hoping it's fixed. This saves you money, and it saves us time!


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