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Why Is My Engine Squealing?

Why Is My Engine Squealing?


A belt squeal can be an awful noise. It can be scary too, if you haven’t experienced it before.


A squeal from under the hood is never a good thing, sometimes; it can be something simple. Often, it's an indication of a bigger problem. 

The belt that runs all the accessories of your engine is called the drive belt or serpentine belt. That drive belt can sometimes get wet if you are driving in heavy rain or hit a large puddle. That can cause a squeak or squeal that goes away quickly. 


Otherwise, if you hear a squeaky noise from your car, you need to get it checked out. The belt itself does age and wear out over time, but it could possibly be that an engine leak has developed and is getting the belt and pulleys wet. Or one of the accessories the belt runs on is starting to fail and isn’t spinning as freely as it should. There are several things that could be causing the squeal, so getting it looked at quickly is essential. 


While a noise is annoying, that belt breaking or one of those accessories failing can be damaging to your engine and also dangerous to drive as your steering or brakes could stop working if that belt breaks.


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