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Why Is My Tire Light On, But I Don’t Have A Flat Tire?

Why Is My Tire Light On, But I Don’t Have A Flat Tire?


New cars with all their technology are great, but a light on the dash can be annoying if it looks like nothing is wrong. Although, there might be a good reason it’s on.

As the temperatures outside start to drop every year, we have increased calls and visits from people with a low tire light on the dash. Without getting too “sciencey”, hot or warm air expands, and cool or cold air contracts. So for a tire, that means the pressure can increase and decrease based on temperature.


The monitoring system in automobiles has a range of pressures it considers safe, so during normal day-to-day conditions, your warning light isn't going to go on and off. A tire that was checked or filled in the middle of summer to the correct pressure on a cold winter day could be just low enough to set the warning light. Nothing is wrong, it just needs to be topped off.


When summer comes back around, you need to check the pressure to ensure they aren't overinflated. This is so important because tire pressure affects how your car drives. Overinflated tires have less traction than the car was designed to use, and the ride will be harsher than it should be. Underinflated tires won’t be as stable on the road, and your fuel economy will suffer as well. Either condition will also wear out the tires faster as well.


We check your tire pressure and the condition of your tires during every inspection here at Crabtree Auto.


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