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Why Should I Get My Coolant Flushed?

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is a mixture of water and various chemicals to keep your engine running at the proper temperature.

What is a coolant flush service? The chemicals in the coolant serve different purposes depending on the type of coolant. It can be a basic antifreeze additive all the way up to advanced European, or diesel coolant with additives. This helps with corrosion, extended service intervals, or heavy-duty use.


Just like the rest of the fluids your vehicle uses, coolant has a lifespan and needs to be changed at the recommended age.


When coolant breaks down, those additives become less and less effective. Another issue that you can have with coolant is contamination or debris in the cooling system. There are several components in the cooling system, often made of different materials. This can cause corrosion to form between dissimilar metals.  


When we service your automobile, we will inspect your coolant for breakdown and contamination. We recommend flushing your coolant every three years. That way, it stays clean and doesn’t give your coolant time to break down and cause issues. 


Depending on your vehicle, we can either drain your old coolant and refill it with fresh fluid. Or use a machine to flush out your old coolant and refill it with new coolant using pressure. Either way, we will make sure that your coolant is fresh and ready for another 3 years. 


Now is a good time to have your coolant checked before the weather gets too cold. You don’t want your cooling system freezing.


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